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Heights – Eyes Set to Kill Lyrics

Lyrics of Heights – Eyes Set to Kill

Look through my eyes
I have arrived, and now I’m on the rise
Watch the tables, watch the tables as they turn
This is a lesson I know you’ll never learn
I know you’ll never learn…

There’s something running through my blood, takes hold of me
It’s taking me to heights you’ll never see
Yeah I’m your wildest dream
There’s something disturbing your sleep
Well now you’ll see
Nothing’s ever what it seems to be, now I’m all that you bleed

Make no mistake
Forget my name, you know you wish you could
I’m a nightmare, see me while you toss and turn
I am the lesson, I know you’ll never learn
I know you’ll never learn…

You better believe that you can see me now
I’m on the top of the highest building, and you’re still on the ground
At any minute this could all collapse, and I could come back down
But I’m living in the moment… I’ll savor it for now

These are the heights I know you’ll never see
These are the heights

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