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Lm4m (Love Me for Me) – Donnalyn Bartolome Lyrics

Lyrics of Lm4m (Love Me for Me) – Donnalyn Bartolome

Verse 1:

I know you think
When you see me
My life ain’t nothing but
Lights Camera TV
I got someone worth more than all that
Picks me up
Holds me down
Keeps my head from spinning in the clouds
They don’t really care about the shiny fancy things
’cause they know that they don’t last

Ten trillion stars shine so bright
but got all I need by my side

Don’t need to check out all the rest
When I’m at my worst or at my best
I know you love you love you
Love me for me
Don’t mind the fact my hair’s a mess
Sweatpants or in my party dress
You you love you love you love
Love me for me

Verse 2:
Maybe you got a mansion
Jewelry cars and clothes
And some I didn’t mention
You got someone worth more than all that
Likes you just how you are
And can love you when you’re near and when you’re far
I’m telling you to hold on to ’em they are rare to find
Now sing this to them now



One thing is certain yeah
One thing is true oh
When I am hurting
I can, can count on you
All I care about is one thing
One heart
One love in this world
You don’t ever have to doubt me
‘Cause there’s one thing for sure

Submitted by: Shaine

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