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Begin Again – Colbie Caillat Lyrics

Lyrics of Begin Again – Colbie Caillat

I can’t get you out of the sunlight
I can’t get you out of the rain
I can’t get you back to that one time
’cause you and me are still recovering

So let’s just try to cool it down
The fighting is feeling like flames (?)
And let’s just try to slow it down
We crash when we raise

Oh this is not the way that it should end
It’s the way it should begin
It’s the way it should begin, again

No – I never wanna fall apart
Never wanna break your heart
Never wanna let you break my own
Yes – I now we said a lot of things
That we probably didn’t mean
But it’s not to late to take them back

So before you say you gonna go
I should probably let you know
I never knew what I had
I never knew what I had

See, I look for you in the morning
It’s that where my mind always goes

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