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Stay the Night – Chicago Lyrics

Lyrics of Stay the Night – Chicago

I dont want you to misunderstand me
I just wanna say whats on my mind
No need to hit me with an attitude
Because I havent got the time

I want you to know one things for certain
I surely love your company
And I wont take no if thats your answer
At least thats my philosophy

Stay the night
Theres room enough here for two
Stay the night
Id like to spend it with you
Stay the night
Why dont we call it a day
No one can stop us, nothing is in the way

Have some friendly conversation
And if you still dont have a clue
Unless theres something else youve got in mind
Weve got better things to do


Just to have you near me
Here by my side
Just to have you near me
And when I get next to your body
Just to have you near me
I wanna tell you something, make it perfectly clear
Were gonna have a very good time


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