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Give Yourself Away – Barbie Almalbis Lyrics

Lyrics of Give Yourself Away – Barbie Almalbis

Give You rself Away – Barbie Almalbis

Say out loud what you are thinking
speak your heart what you are dreaming of
these adventures missing the point
have held you back these self-help gurus
Bore you out of your mind
round and round and round it goes
where it’s gonna stop sure everybody knows

You’ve got to go far from the middle
on to the center of the ege
right where the untamed
is waiting for you there
will you give yourself away

Wake up from this slumber
refuse to be reduced to a mere number
this indecision has caused you time
these side show leeches drained you dry

It’s to shout a fight
to kick and scream
it’s time to move to the extreme
you’ve got to go far from the middle
on to the center of the edge
right whee the untamed
will help you find yourself
out on a limb
over your head
far from the comfort of your bed

Out of the line
out of control
out of the confines of your mind
far from the sanitary
far from this ordinary world
will you give yourself away…
hmm..self away …hmm
more than you could ask or think

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