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River Card – Atlas Sound Lyrics

Lyrics of River Card – Atlas Sound

I turned them all away
I turned it all away
when i leave there’s nothing left to say
i won’t answer my phone
you call it all you want
river runs and takes the boats away
i thought i’d never see
river so clear and mean
how many others have you drowned?
river’s bottom dark and blue
why do i love you so?
river so clear and blue
i’m so in love with you, but you’ll drown me.
you’ll drown me.
river so clear and blue
what it takes to ignore you
how many boys have you drowned?
chokes me until i’m dead
there are places in my head
that i could never conquer.
river so clear and blue,
i am in love with you.
river’s bottom dark and blue,
why do i love you?
you’ll drown me.
you’ll drown me.

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