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Pain in My Heart – Arnel Pineda Lyrics

Lyrics of Pain in My Heart – Arnel Pineda

Here I am alone in this empty room
And let my mind just fly you to the end
Thoughts of you still linger in my memory
Wondering why my life is not that fair
I could still recall
Those memories of you
The joy and all your laughter
The love thast we’ve been through
Oh, I can’t believe you’re gone
Oh, no

Talkin’ to myself for no reasons I could find
Findin’ out why everything went wrong
Tears falling down my cheeks that
I’ve been trying to hold
It doesn’t know if I could still go on
I wanted you to stay
The tears begin to show
You said you cared for me
But then you had to go
And now I know you’re gone

But I don’t want to remember
The things (we used to do/that we’ve been
And all the things that remind me of you
I don’t want to hear the songs
The songs we used to sing
‘coz I don’t wanna feel the pain in my heart

I just can’t believe you’re gone

No, no…
I don’t wanna feel
Yeah, I don’t wanna feel the pain in my heart
I don’t wanna feel, don’t know what went wrong