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The Storm – Alessandra De Rossi Lyrics

Lyrics of The Storm – Alessandra De Rossi

So far, it’s coming down
Rising from the ground
Used to being lost but sure
Still feeling safe and sound and pure
Holding shattered glass
Crushing promises made in vain
Who would try to take control?
Try jumping out the heavy door

What’s in those eyes?
What’s in those eyes I see something I don’t recognize
Something I don’t recognize

Peace after rage, rage after grace
War after love, day after day
Your hands are tied in shame
The strongest poison you can bear
Words without heart
You’re falling apart
The mask has cracked, the demon’s out
Nothing’s safe from this storm
You’ve morphed into your lethal form

What’s in your eyes?
What’s in your eyes i see something I don’t recognize

Dropped my sword
I’ve lost myself in this, again
From here there’s no escape
I’m fading
Who can save you
Who can free you
Here with nothing
In the aftermath
Come closer
Let my eyes be the looking glass
Reflecting, blinding
See what you’ve become