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Coffee Break – Zelle Lyrics

Lyrics of Coffee Break – Zelle

Coffee Break – Zelle

Too long, yet to fast
Two years, it’s been like that
All these, now all gone
Two hearts never to be as one

No more walks, no more talks
No more refills at our favorite coffee shop
Now I sound like the songs I sing
Like the women we mock for being weaklings

You’re drifting away
Far from where I want you to be

How did I let you drift away,
Slip through my hands
Like water, like rain, like time
Oh, It’s mine but only for a time

I’ve been too strong, too stubborn to
Hold on to you.
I’ve been too hard to admit
I’ve fallen inconveniently

Repeat Refrain
Repeat Chorus

This afternoon over coffee
Everything is silent except my heart’s pounding
And everything is cold aside from your cup.
Yes, you are drifting away again.
Its time to say goodbye.

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