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Bonus Track 1 – Wisin and Yandel Lyrics

Lyrics of Bonus Track 1 – Wisin and Yandel

i smoke cannibus

check this out you better work it trick

filmoe for life with a grain of salt

a tiger like me had to take a loss

finiky and helifikle know it aint simple

hit you with cocaine and hot nickels

sell the shit, make the profit

reload your thoughts, then recop it

come to your house like cody jared

i dont think these niggas can bear it

like the parrot you want the cracker

blow a hole right through your back-a

squeeze untill its an empty clip

my ladies said “lets pimp the bitch”

get my keys up off the shelf

start the car and not click the belt

strike like an ambush, set up the mouse trap

hopefully them fuckers wont come back

cuz you’ll never get your gun back

and you’ll be dodgin bullets, by the mornin sun crack

4 a.m im smoken weed, listenin to evelyn champange king

watchin ali dance across the ring

gigglen motherfucker counten cream

serve em just like the tennis ball

all you had to do was call

this is how ima do em all

and my life will be called to rise and fall

of the sun, of the moon, of the stars, fancy cars

maybe you need to take a bath and talk

and ask them feathers and fly off far

but i know birds dont catch no worms

and all drugdealers just want they turn

top of the world is where they earn

bottom of the world is where they burn

watch me bust it off

and do this shit at any cost

the reports of no motherfucken big ass boss

or roll around town with the foozy toss

bitch im automatic

dont trust lawyers or mechanics

or punk hoes that be starten static

get the yams ill get the cabbage

get the yacht ill rock the boat

like neeno used to rock the coke

now im bout to go for broke

weed to smoke, vee to loke