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Perfect World – Toni Gonzaga Lyrics

Lyrics of Perfect World – Toni Gonzaga

Perfect World – Toni Gonzaga

In a perfect world
I could be someone
I could be your sun
And i will shine
In every step that you take

In a perfect world
I’ll be the stars at night
So i could be your guiding light

And if you’re feeling out of place
I’ll be a friendly face

So fly with me, stay with me
In a perfect world
We’ll be as free
In a perfect world

In a perfect world
We can be as free
Be what we want to be
Nothing’s gonna break our love apart

In a perfect world
Where magic spells come true
A paradise for me and you

[repeat Refrain and Chorus]

There will never be a sun tomorrow
In a perfect world

[repeat Chorus]

airhyn — September 12, 2007

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