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Everything Changes – Take That Lyrics

Lyrics of Everything Changes – Take That

Everything Changes – Take That

Girl, come on over here, Let me hold you for a little while
And remember I’ll always love you forever more, Everything changes but you

We’ve said goodbye, the taxi cab is waiting
Now don’t you cry, just one more kiss before I have to go
Hey girl I know the situation changed
And so much is new but
Something in my life remains the same ‘cos

Everything changes but you
We’re a thousand miles apart but you know I love you
Everything changes but you
You know that every single day I’ll be thinking about you

The rumour’s true, you know that there’ve been others
What can I do, I tell you baby they don’t mean a thing
Now girl don’t go and throw our love away
I’ll be home soon
Back in your arms to hear you say that


Though everything changes around us (baby don’t you cry)
We will be the same as before forever more


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