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We Can't Be - Krissy Villongco
    ... Running in circles lost following your lead I'm hanging by a thread, wake up with an empty bed I ...
Now And Forever - Mikey Bustos & David DiMuzio
    ... my head You made sense of madness When my sanity hangs by a thread I lose my way, but still you ...
Pagsuyo - Abaddon Ft Juanthugs and Harmony
    ... mo Pagsuyo kong ito ay totoo, Oh Ohhhhh 4x -END- Submitted by : Jasper Andre Mabilangan
Sa Hatinggabi - Yasmien Kurdi Jennylyn Mercado
    ... May kasama ka sa paghimbing Sa hatinggabi Sa hatinggabi Submitted by : Angelica May I laceste
Escape - Marielle Castro
    ... Your hopes has just gone by That it seemed like ... mean to me.. Chorus Submitted by : Honeylette
Hangover Feat. Snoop Dogg - Psy
    ... 있으 꾀꼬리 못 찾겠어 Eeny, meeny, miny, moe catch a lady by the toe 안 예쁘면 예뻐 보일 때까지 빠라삐리뽀 [Pre-hook] ...
Love Rain - Rockjee
    ... gaya ng ulan para sayo... I love rain, I love you Submitted by : Wilma Jarave and Roxan Tabangay
Pasipsip Naman - Abaddon Ft Eman and Third Flo
    ... mula sa leeg paitaas patungo sa baywang mula sa leeg paibaba submitted by : Mnicck'PhanGoOoOo
Three Things I Have Left Angel Eyes Ost - Baek Ah Yeon
    ... bureumyeo ttatteushan geudaeui du soneul chajji anhgi Submitted by : Kim Camille Basaya Rodriguez
Broken Together - Casting Crowns
    ... broken together How it must have been so lonely by my side We were building kingdoms and chasing ...