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Smile at Me – Rocksteddy Lyrics

Lyrics of Smile at Me – Rocksteddy

Smile At Me – Rocksteddy

Funny how I fell for you
And the day you caught my eye
And my life have never been the same
Since the day I saw your smile

As you shine above from everyone
You stand out from the crowd
Somehow I can’t find words to say
You’re indescribable

And you sweep me off my feet
Everytime you smile at me, at me, at me, at me…

You light my way
You always take my breath away
You set me free
When everytime you smile at me

There’s this feeling that I can’t hide
That I couldn’t get enough of you
I can’t deny, I’m mesmerized
By the beauty of your smile

‘Cause you knock me off my seat
Every time you smile at me, at me, at me, at me…

[repeat chorus 2x]

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