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Here I Go Again – Pupil Lyrics

Lyrics of Here I Go Again – Pupil

Here I Go Again – Pupil

There is a line
I will not go across
It is a line
Where love and hate
Stand face to face

Fools do lie
And lovers turn to green
Those are the brightest eyes
I’ve ever seen

She’s coming on the airwaves
Coming on the airwaves 2x
I’m jamming all the airwaves
I’m jamming all the airwaves again

I’ve made some bad decisions
I’ve made some sad mistakes
Contain your disillusion
Your eyes will soon be glazed
‘Cause here I go again

Did you think
That we were all the same?
And did you forget
Who taught you how to play this game?

Experience won’t change me
I’m much too far to fold
Your good advice restrains me
Prepare exact toll

‘Cause here I go again
Yeah, here I go again
Here I go again

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