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I Drive Myself Crazy – Nsync Lyrics

Lyrics of I Drive Myself Crazy – Nsync

Lying in your arms
So close together
Didnt know just what I had
Now I toss and turn
Cause Im without you

How Im missing you so bad
Where was my head?
Where was my heart?
Now I cry alone in the dark

I lay awake
I drive myself crazy
Drive myself crazy
Thinking of you
Made a mistake
When I let you go baby
I drive myself crazy
Wanting you the way that I do

I was such a fool
I couldnt see it
Just how good you were to me

You confessed your love
Undying devotion
I confessed my need to be free
And now Im left
With all this pain
I only got myself to blame


Why didnt I know
(how much I loved you baby)
Why couldnt show it
(if I had only told you)
When I had the chance
Oh I had the chance