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Roses – Mary J Blige Lyrics

Lyrics of Roses – Mary J Blige

Roses – Mary J Blige


See today
I’m havin’ one of
Them days were
I just don’t
Wanna be bothered
But it seems like
You can’t understand that
Because it’s your way
Or no way
But check this out
It’s my way today
And I’m really, really
Sick and tired
Of you steppin’ into
My little box
When I just don’t wanna be bothered, OK?
So check this out

1st Verse:

I’ve had my way
And I’ve had my share
Of ups and down
I’ve been in trouble
And I couldn’t tell
My ups from downs
I’ve been your baby
And I don’t know why
It don’t seem like
That no more
Welcome to
This new definition
Of love


It ain’t all roses
Flowers and posin’
Said it ain’t all candy
This love stuff
Is demanding

Said it ain’t all roses
Flowers and posin’
Said it ain’t all candy
This love stuff
Is demanding
Sometimes I need a hug


See, you, you just
You just wanna
Really, really, really push
All my buttons
‘Cause you Mr. Right
And I’m Misses Wrong
But right now today
I feel like
I’m-I’m the one

Gon’ sing this song

I’ma be Misses Right today
It’s my way or the highway
But with you
It’s just no… gettin’ around that
I gotta be bumpin’ heads
With you
What’s up with that?
Listen, see

2nd Verse;

I love my man
And I know my place
I know my worth
And I just can’t stand
To see myself
As I hurt
It’s been a long time
And I think that
I can get a little
More love
From you
I know some of ya’ll
Go through it to ’cause

Repeat Chorus 1x

Interlude 2:

Sometimes I just wish
You just put
Your arms around me
When I’m feelin’ so
Sp, so very needy
But instead you just turn your back
And say, “Suck it up!”
Oh, you don’t know how I’m feelin’ right now
If you knew how I feel
On the inside
You wouldn’t say xxxx it up
Now what the f—?

Repeat Chorus 1x


It ain’t all roses, you know?
Everybody ask me how
Good it is
It’s great
Love is great
But when you just
A mess yourself
It ain’t gon’ be all roses
‘Cause you just want your time
You wanna be selfish
You know
You don’t want nobody
Messin’ with you
You just wanna rip
Somebody head off
When they step to you with
“Oh you need some help. Oh, you need to figure it out”
You figure it out!
You figure it out!
You go figure it out!
You xxxx it up!

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