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Reflections (I Remember) – Mary J Blige Lyrics

Lyrics of Reflections (I Remember) – Mary J Blige

Reflections (I Remember) – Mary J Blige

i Remember [X7]

[Verse 1:]
back Before
the Record Deal
and The Cars
and The Cribs
and The Way
that Things
took Off
i Was Signin’
at Lucy’s
on 1-25th
just Tryin’
my Best
to Get On
back When
me And Puff
and B.I.G.
was Kids
and I Knew
i Was Young
and Tough
and Fresh In Love
and It Was
all A Dream
signing A Contract
no Guiding Light
just Hopin’ I
i Can Get Out
the Projects
and Get My
family Right
’cause They
were My Life
in Red Zones
in Bentley’s
you Can
catch Me
tryna Do Me
i Was Jaded
on The Block
i Coulda Faded
on The Block
but I Made It
off The Block
and I

i Remember
back When
i Didn’t Know
which Way
to Live
i Remember
back When
pain Was
all I Had
to Give
the Reflections
of My Life
i See The
lessons That I’ve Learned
and Now I Know
heartbreak Don’t Exist
when It’s Been
torn Apart
by Love

[Verse 2:]
i Use To
Mary J. Blige – Reflections (I Remember)
throw A Fit
i Use
to Shed
a Doubt
and Blame It
on A Man
but That
was Mary Than
and This Is
mary Now
you Gotta Understand
it’s About
how We
respect Ourselves
and The Men
have No Control
of Our Self-Esteem
and When
we See That
then We Can
let Go


now I Made
some Mistakes
i Lost Some
friends Along
the Way
but I Don’t
carry It
’cause It
made Me
a Better Chick
its My Life
and I Know
that There’s
more For
me To See
i May Not Be
what I’m
suppose To
but I Can
tell You Right Now
i Ain’t What
i Use To Be


i Remember [X7]

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