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Wayne on Me – Lil Wayne Lyrics

Lyrics of Wayne on Me – Lil Wayne

I’m calling you daddy, daddy
can you be my daddy, daddy
I need a daddy, daddy
would you be my daddy, daddy(No ceilings)

Come and make it Wayne down on me X2

Uhh wide receiver weezy
throw the pussy at me
the pussy lips smiling
I make the pussy happy
take them panties off
the pussy looking at me
I’m the pussy monster, now get the pussy ready
I like to kiss, she like to kiss
I deep stroke and make her bite her fist
the lights is on
the night is grown
we get it poppin cuz we know we can when wife at home
California kush strong as a titan is what I’m lightin on
we get high as fuck then we just do it put ya nikes on
tattoos on her waist she like the tattoos on my face and if that soon she like to say I’ll let her say it on my microphone
she love my style
but that’s expected
she coming back to you? the chance is anorexic
I knew she had it in her
so I got it out her
she give me neck around the clock I call it round the carter
she rub my back
she say im tight
she cook, fukin clean, and still make her flight
first class pussy
crystal glass pussy
I..I get it wetter than bass pussy

(You dun’ been)
Uhh I likes it thick and red
Ralph Laurens breed
lady in the streets
pornstar in bed
she like to fuck fight so we sparr in bed
she got that pink pussy
I beat it orange red
i fuck American pie and i get foreign head
she sit down and ride like ima throw er’ bread
she kiss my mine and i kiss hers back
if shes a bad bitch
she deserve that

She send me pictures to my iPhone
then i gotta clear ’em
‘cus my girl be checkin my phone

I’m calling you daddy, daddy
Can you be my daddy, daddy(young Money)
I need a daddy, daddy
Would you be my daddy, daddy(No ceilings)

Come and make it wayne down on me(x2)
(young Mula baby)
(No ceilings muthafucka uhh)

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