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Shoulder Lean – Lil’ Wayne Lyrics

Lyrics of Shoulder Lean – Lil’ Wayne

Shoulder Lean – Lil’ Wayne

Dro Fuck With Me yeah
Live from the 5oo and 4
Its mister crazy flow
jumping like a bungee no rope
even in the dungen i glow
even if it aint sunny i glow
if it aint bout mony i go nowhere i nail to the floor
money controls where i go
it is the sail to my boat
and its going down its going down like theres a whale in the boat
see you can smell that i smoke
and yup i sip that lean
you hit me with that combination and make my eyes bleed
im a shark in the water
yup i swim with the big
so i dont have time to deal with willy the squid
li li lily pad niggas lo lo look at the monster
you you you dont wanna crash like la la labamba
see its me Ronnie and Terry
my new drop is berry
watermelon plum just call it fruit punch
im an old rapper getting new bucks
and all you new rappers you just new lunch

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