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Local Girl – Keahiwai Lyrics

Lyrics of Local Girl – Keahiwai

Local Girl – Keahiwai

1st verse:
She lives aloha everyday in her own stylin’ way
Cruises the town without a care
T-shirt and shorts with her long brown hair

The best friend that you could she’ll always make you laugh
And when it comes that time she’s always by your side

‘Cause she’s a local girl, living in this Hawaiian world
Yeah she’s a local girl, living in this Hawaiian world

2nd verse:
That girl will party every night
And she’ll stand up if there’s a fight
Surfin’ the waves whenever she can
She’s proud and strong ’cause she don’t need one man


3rd verse:
So bruddahs listen up and let me make this clear
You best not mess with her because she has no fear
And if you do her wrong then she will make you pay
‘Cause no matter what you do she’ll always get her way


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