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I Found You at Last – Keahiwai Lyrics

Lyrics of I Found You at Last – Keahiwai

I Found You At Last – Keahiwai

I found you at last, I hope you didn’t think I’d forget
I found you at last, I hope it wasn’t us you regret

1st verse:
There was a time when you and I were lost, drowning in oblivion
For your love I’d give at any cost even in different positions
Then one day you called yo say baby won’t you come and stay with me
We’ll make it work we’ll make it last, you and I we both have pasts
Com and stay with me


2nd verse:
One year, two years, three years, four
Upon your heart I could never close the door
And even though our love was unaccepted, it’s up to us to make the fate corrected


3rd verse:
Let them hate, let them gloat, maybe that’s what keeps them both afloat
You and I will kill with love, maybe thent they’ll run out of things to talk of