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Opposites Attract – Juris Fernandez Lyrics

Lyrics of Opposites Attract – Juris Fernandez

verse 1
Youre a morning kind of person
Everything is spic and span
I could live with all the clutter
Stay so late at night I can
I would often think it out loud
Say whatevers on my mind
You would rather keep your mouth shut
Leave the details all behind

You take me just as I am
No more, no less, just as I am, oh yeah


I wanna go right, youd rather go left
I wanna go fight, youd rather be quiet
I wanna be right, youd rather be wrong
I wanna be weak, youd rather be strong

Movin along, Singin our song, opposites do attract
Needing each other, always together, opposites do attract

You would rather choose to follow
I would rather lead the play
I would do it all tomorrow
You would do it all today
I just want the nitty-gritty
You would rather summarize
Every detail of the story
That you never emphasize