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Private – JLS Lyrics

Lyrics of Private – JLS

ooh oh
let’s make this personal
baby im testing you
cause its about to get out of control
just one precaution though
theres something you should know
we gotta try to keep it quiet (quiet)

Cause what nobody sees they’ve no reason to believe
it should stay between you and me

We should keep it private
nobodys gotta know
keep this thing on the low
don’t need nobody else just you and me invited
don’t need to shout it out
it’s not what it’s about
if you can keep a secret we can make it private
private x 3 lets keep it private (x3)

so heres the story now
people are talking loud
and i’m just trying to keep this under control
girl here’s the bottom line
you can’t have love without trust
so girl lets keep it quiet quiet



Girl you better believe
if they try to invade our space i promise
i swear on my life
gotta fight to protect this
forget all that he said she said keep it private


private x 3
lets keep it private oh