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Monsoon – Jack Johnson Lyrics

Lyrics of Monsoon – Jack Johnson

Monsoon – Jack Johnson

I feel sorrow for the fear
And everything it brings
Wonder if it will ever sleep
I know you understand
‘Cause you briefly look away
Focusing on nothing so now everything is clear
‘Cause there’s no one to blame
You got no place to hide
It’s only in your mind
And I saw you in amazement stumbling through the day
You told me time never waits
What is that supposed to mean?
All of life is in one drop of the ocean waiting to go home
Just waiting to go home
And if the moon can turn the tides
It can pull the tears and take ‘em from our eyes
And make ‘em into monsoons
And turn ‘em into monsoon-er or later they’ll weep their way back to the sea
Gonna finally be free
Yeah, free for a while

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