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Strip Tease – Danity Kane Lyrics

Lyrics of Strip Tease – Danity Kane

Strip Tease – Danity Kane

shoulder down
leg out
bend over
lips pout
bat eyes
show thigh
lift em up
dont touch

I got a proposition
If u want it
(If you want it)
Dare you to let me run
Some game on ya
(Game on ya)
Undress me with your eyes
Your in a for a surprise
What’s underneath
My exterior-rior-rior-rior

You do your best
To put ur name on it
(Name on it)
But you could never
Put ur claim on me
(Claim on me)
Create your fanta
Which one your gonna (Be)
Check the reflection
In the mirror-rior-rior-rior

I know you like it
The way I do it private
You cant deny it

Just wanna please you
Without your candle
In my birthday suit surprise
Just let me make it nice
Ill do you like you like

I’ll fulfill your needs
Keep your tip this ones on me

you know you want my (strip tease) if you want it (say please)
i know you want my (strip tease) if you want it (say please)
i know you want my (strip tease) if you want it (say please)
i know you want my (strip tease) if you want it (say please)i could make you(if you want it)

verse 2:
you’ve been real good and i could tell your on your best behaivor.
slowly i remove all my(articles of clothing and i)let you come
and sneak a peek whats behind door number 3. take of your blind fold to see clear-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar

everyone talkin bout the things we doin(things we doin)flip me
and try an acrobatic movement( flip it flip it)this is the center
ring c’mon c’mon lets see the main attraction like the wringley brothers
It’s so erotic
Here’s goes I got a pocket
Full of candy with you favorite flavors
You can have it now or later
Don’t you wanna taste
Don’t have no time to waste
I got some tasty cakes
My fillings so sweet
And its good enough to eat

[Chorus – Danity Kane]

Shoulders down
Leg Out
Bend Over
Lips Pout
Bat Eyes
Show thigh
Lift em Up
Don’t Touch

[Bridge – Dawn & D. Woods]
And I just cant stop my clothes from falling down
And we only got tonight so make it count
And I got you on the edge of your seat
Anticipating my strip tease

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